I specialise in integrated communications, making sure that every piece of content created works hard across your business for each audience.

There are six times when companies need PR; at launch to create awareness, to build reputation, to build credibility, to create saliency, to educate, to revitalize,

I have worked with some of the UK’s leading compnies to develop strategy and manage delivery of campaigns. My work has included; brand experience campaigns, celebrity roadshows, issues management, social media campaigns, traditional media campaigns amongst many other things!


I gained high profile media coverage of this small company to raise awareness of the company and drive sales.



I launched the new Ford Cougar using Hollywood legend Dennis Hopper to maximize media interest.


My team and I developed and managed all communication for the UKs leading grocery brand. We managed the vibrant issues landscape, maintained a profile in the trade press, leverage celebrity associations and handled the companys corporate profile.



I gained extensive media coverage to drive traffic to the small London ratailers website.



I devised and implemented the pan European campaign to synergise and relaunch Walls brand across Europe.