Have You Identified Influencers for Your 2018 Strategy?


Have You Identified Influencers for Your 2018 Strategy?


Influencer marketing is set to continue and be one of 2018s biggest marketing trends. It will grow in sophistication as a marketing tool during 2018.


Are you ready?


With trust in traditional media and marketing channel plummeting, consumers are crying out for information sources they can trust. Micro influencers fill this void with authentic, original content.


Broadly speaking, a micro influencer is someone with fewer than 30,000 followers on social media. They tend to operate in very specialised niches and have passionate, highly engaged followers as a result.


This is why some of the UK’s biggest brands are turning to influencer marketing to promote their products and services.


With new research from Twitter showing that people now trust influencers almost as much as their closest friends, there’s no question that influencer marketing is here to stay.


Who are Influencers?


Influencers are anyone who can have an impact on your business; everyday consumers, celebrities, journalists, bloggers, employees, micro-influencers (large social media following).


Influencer trends for 2018*


  • Brands will use data-driven insights to identify the best influencer partnerships
    • If brands are going to spend money partnering with influencers, they want to know it will work
  • Traditional PR techniques will help communicators generate earned influencer coverage
    • Working with influencers to create content that is interesting to their audience is key. Paying influencers to churn our brand messages will continue to be of no interest to anyone
  • Expect to see more integrated multi-channel influencer campaigns
  • The best brands will build lasting relationships with their influencers
    • It’s a relationship that should grow and develop with time and it’s about authenticity


*Adapted from research by Cision